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Your parcel number is located in the right corner of Section A on the Listing Form.
The 2024 Listing Form includes a link to your property record card. Please review for accuracy. Any needed changes can be noted in the 'other' section of the listing form.
Search Tips
For Parcel Number searches, enter the up to 7-digit parcel number, with no leading zeros.
  • Since our parcel numbers are consecutive numbers these would not yield the same results: 6868, 687 or 68687.
For Name searches, enter in the first three letters of either the first or last name.
  • For best results, use the format of 'Last name, First name'
  • Entering just the name 'Ann' would list all first or last names that include 'Ann' such as Annette,Dianne or Cannon. Using more letters will narrow the search.
  • Entering a name, followed by a comma, the search would be for last name only.
For Address searches, enter at a minimum, the first three letters of the street name or the first three digits of the address.
  • For best results, format as '515' Smith St.'
  • Entering just '515' would result in all addresses containing the consecutive numbers '515' (i.e., 515, 5515, and 5153) would all be included in the search results.

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